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Festival News


In order to take account of the fact that the World Festival has been postponed twice we are pleased to announce a relaxation of the age requirements for the Youth Divisions which we are calling Youth+


After consultation with organisations and coaches it has been decided that the World Festival age brackets will allow 4 players to be 1 year over the age limit for both girls and boys.


This means that for the U16 Division we will allow 4 players to be U17 by the 1st day of the tournament.


In addition, 4 players in the U18 Divisions can be U19 by the 1st day of the competition.


We arrived at the figure of 4 to nominally reflect a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, and an attack player.

We will not insist, and it may not be practical that players are strictly from each of those categories.

In order to prevent teams ‘loading’ any position only 2 over age players will be allowed on the field at the same time.


We have introduced this flexibility in recognition of the fact that many young players had planned to be with us in 2020 and 2021 and it allows at least a small number to still participate in our Festival for which they have worked hard both in training and fundraising to be a part of.

Limerick 2022 Lacrosse World Festival  I dTeannta  a Chéile! Together as One!  

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