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Update: January 2022
  • The world is still coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular the Omicron variant, and the Event Organisers are keeping a close eye on developments.
  • All players, fans, friends and family are encouraged to regularly check the travel information of their country of origin/departure. 
  • We advise that all attendees refer to the official information regarding travel to Ireland on the Government of Ireland website. It provides information on any requirements for vaccination, proof of recovery, testing, isolation and contact tracing. This information is regularly updated and you are advised to check it regularly.
  • The Event Organisers are working closely with local medical service providers to ensure that clear information is provided to all players, fans and families and that appropriate procedures are in place to manage any instances of COVID-19.
  • Further information will be provided to participants in due course and we will keep everyone updated with the rapidly changing situation by posting updates on this web page.

COVID-19 Testing in Ireland / Limerick

There are a number of private testing facilities in Ireland (including in Limerick) which provide PCR, Lateral Flow (Antigen), Antibody and Long COVID Health Assessment tests.  Players, staff, fans and families may need access to testing in instances where they may experience COVID-19 symptoms, and where their country of origin may require a negative test before arrival (e.g. for the trip home after the event).  

The costs for such tests must be met by the relevant individuals or the relevant team/NGB, though the Event Organisers will be looking to negotiate discounted group rates and testing block times (e.g. close to the end of the tournament for teams as they prepare for the trip home) - more information regarding that will be made available here in due course.

The Event Organisers recommend the following testing centres:

Randox Health Travel Centre 
Locations throughout Ireland, including in Limerick and at Dublin Airport.

RocDoc Covid Check 
Locations in Shannon Airport (approx. 35 minutes from the University of Limerick), Dublin (close to Dublin Airport) and Cork Airport.


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